All diving sessions are adapted to your level of skill and prior experience. We ask every diver to show a diving certificate and a diving logbook. We do not admit persons without proof of qualification and experience.



Fun-dive — 35$.

Full equipment rental ‒ 15$/day

Night dive ‒ a 5$ fee in addition to the price of a day dive

Nitrox ‒ an 8$ addition


Divers trained in the PADI system bear certificates from the most respected and popular diving instruction system in the world. Your certificate will be recognized anywhere in the world, no matter where you go. There are few places if any where you will not meet divers who, like you, chose PADI.

We care about quality of training. Our instructors have extensive diving experience, are true professionals with years of record. 

The resort operates in accordance with all PADI recommendations and demands.

Basic courses*:

Scuba diver  — 190$
Open Water Diver — 450$
Advanced Open Water Diver — 390$
Emergency First Response — 220$
Rescue Diver — 390$
Divemaster — 1100$

Specialty Courses*:

Special PADI courses – narrowly specific training courses, adding variety and excitement through the acquisition of new skills and techniques normally not offered in general courses.

Drift Diver — 170$
Deep Diver — 280$
Enriched Air Diver — 170$
Wreck Diver — 280$
Night Diver — 240$
Peak Performance Buoyancy — 150$

*Price includes the use of full equipment, learning materials and an international PADI certificate upon completion.